A History In 11 Parts (split CD w​/​Super Hi​-​5) (1999)

by Man Without Plan

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Recorded/mixed in Summer 1998 by Arik Victor and Mike Bardzik at the Creep House.


released June 1, 1999

Barclay: vocals/gtrs
Christopher Skowronski: bass/vocals
Patrick Amuso: drums



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Man Without Plan New York

Formed in 1997, we have a lot here for you to enjoy.

We slash the piece pop band from New York City. We have insect bites, have been attacked by demons, as greedy play was furious. If we are set on fire, at least we had conquered the day; please destroy the world. ... more

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Track Name: Hip-Deep
shot myself in the hand, for once
ditched my big chance and went out to lunch
told myself "never again"
now I'm singing the same old refrain
somebody chain me, somebody make me
Track Name: It's Probably Nothing
I made a face today
it wasn't a face i usually make
I'll be right back, he said
gonna go pound my middle finger through somebody's head
I turned on the TV so I could turn it off for irritating me
I just insanity, totally convinced of my superiority
I mean something
Track Name: Step One: Define The Problem
you looked at me as if I could have done handsprings on the water and you wouldn't have been surprised
intelligent looks from sentient eyes
frightening looks that had me hypnotized
everybody's lying to me
they can't possibly see the picture that I see
I didn't bring this on myself...or did I?
drag me behind a car till I don't lie to you anymore
even if I had tried
I'm opening eyes I didn't have before
and all I'm seeing is open sores
I'm wandering down abandoned streets
and all kinds of shit is falling on me
Track Name: Stop Singing, Moron
I don't have anywhere to be, no other priorities
so I'd appreciate it if you would level with me tonight
I would give my memory since 1983
just to know what you're thinking at any given time
don't give me hints, cause I won't get them
don't leave out details, cause I will sweat them
I need this like I need a good case of scurvy or gangrene
but I'll be happy if you just stop singing that fucking song
just fucking shut up, you're singing it wrong
it's the one that changed my life
just fucking shut up, you're pissing me off
at least learn the words right
but I'll be ok, things are fucking great
don't drag this out too long
just make it short and sweet
wrap it nice and neat
and stop singing that fucking song
Track Name: Falling Out A First-Floor Window That I Thought Was A Fourth-Floor Window
If you ever needed me to sign a letter of recommendation
I'd do so, with elation
few times in my life that I've been more grateful for
than you walking through that door
I won't tell you a thing
look at these anomalies in my supposed hermit nature
how could anybody hate you?
when just the day before
dying at the airport
cause I've never been anything but a good sport