Get Right CD (2001)

by Man Without Plan

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by George Fullan in September of 2001 at Pie Studios, Glen Cove, NY.


released July 1, 2001

Barclay: vocals/gtrs/bass
Jared Shavelson: drums



all rights reserved


Man Without Plan New York

Formed in 1997, we have a lot here for you to enjoy.

We slash the piece pop band from New York City. We have insect bites, have been attacked by demons, as greedy play was furious. If we are set on fire, at least we had conquered the day; please destroy the world. ... more

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Track Name: Return To Cuesta Verde
there's a trapdoor in the ceiling and I don't know where it goes
I run around ask people, nobody seems to know
it seems that it must just come out in someone else's floor
the more I think about it, I don't want to think about it anymore
we're getting better at getting bitter
you're getting weaker, you're getting thinner
it gets a little bleaker here almost every winter
clothes make man, but man makes clothes
his solutions are cold, I'll come up with my own
that place is hard to miss
and I haven't seen it since
Track Name: The Scholar-Athlete
you should be all right
you act like you know how to fight
you should have a bright future
in spite of the fact that you never learned to be slick
never learned to talk shit
you're all sarcasm, no wit
you could have them rolling over, chasing sticks
sitting on command, and performing similar tricks
you look ok in some lights
but not when they're glaring and bright
straighten up or stick to the night
don't get left...
get right
Track Name: How To Scream
this box of nerves makes the time pass slowly
the thoughts i had almost killed me
does this place fulfill any need of yours?
to be superior, for understanding
the different faces that the day is demanding
but did anybody tell you
that you don't have to like these people you meet
and you don't have to learn how to speak
but you should be prepared to creep along the street
like a dirty-water stream in a thirty-hour dream
pulling muscles pushing papers
condemnation of a layperson
putting things in order
applying bricks and mortar
reduced to common sorter
while life is getting shorter
but you never know
maybe they'll find a temporary diamond in you
maybe none of the omens are true
and you won't be headless in a crowd for too long
alone with head less in a cloud than a fog
Track Name: Bent Crude Future
the troubled youth will embarrass and confuse you
if they sense an untruth
only one left alive to see the vision
I'm the last of the crew, but it wasn't my decision
in line with all the premonitions
I am fast and on the mission
the troubled youth will be embarrassed and confused by you
if you lose touch with your roots
acting like everything hurts
acid remembrance
Track Name: Just Deserts
in this storm I bend my knees
to almost ninety degrees
rain and I slant and meet
almost parallel to the street
my friend, you'll grow up and die
or worse, stay alive and die inside
and I am right there behind you
you'll make up ridiculous lies
and act all pissed-off when nobody buys them
my friend, you've grown up and died
on our first day alive
you've died inside
and when it rains out, it hurts you
and when the sun's out, it burns you
someday the pain will desert you
Track Name: Onomatopeons
we could rule New York from the living room couch
we could take over the world without leaving the house
silence our fears and amputate doubt
lock hands and move things without touching them
now I tend to float two feet off the ground
and speed across landscapes, whispering, soundless
you've removed the impedance
I prefer you to me now
I used to have ideas about you
it's a good thing that I carried them
I had a handful of fears around, too
I'm glad to have buried them
Track Name: Gently Rocked To Sleep
of course, everybody hates commercials
so think outside the box, but sometimes in a circle
what else do you have?
sometimes the sun not only shines, but smiles
it thinks the world revolves around itself
there is wind and it howls
Track Name: Oneheaded Manboy
put on this suit underneath my skin
it used to keep others out, now it just keeps me in
carefully straighten it every day before work
internal pants and subdermal shirt
I adjust the thermostat in my skull
I can't help but think everybody must know
sometimes I could stand to be permanently walled
comportment displaying no lies at all
if I knew better, I don't think I'd say
these holes in my head are getting bigger every day
Track Name: (Implicit Trust In) Titanium
has it come to your attention that I haven't been doing shit around here?
has it ever occurred to you that I might know the difference and just not care?
totally out of it, right in the middle of it
falling behind and I don't even give a shit
I hope you're happy with your mad racing thoughts
can you ignore them? they're all that you've got
now they're sticking to the walls in your head
pull and pry but you'll never be rid of them
grabbing the stars and reordering them at will
figuring out new ways to talk to myself
paranoid? narcissistic? realistic
floating, static
happy and sad at the same time
oblique, not misaligned
Track Name: Nice To Meet You Again
camped out on the edge of the world
transmitting in obsolete code
I've got six inches of beard ready to grow
there's a pill for every time of day
you must learn to swallow
what's the point of swimming, anyway?
when it's all so shallow
it gets so tiresome, counting seasons
the faces of the innocents are creased and lined
for different reasons
(ready to go)
Track Name: Subtle Is A Knife
my knuckles are cracked
my hair is parted
I've gone over my act
I can't wait to get started
and if I see you there, I'll see you there
it's where you find out what's wrong with you
and I'll forget just why I hated you
you pay only this low price
there isn't subtle like a knife
it'll go from whine to wail