I Feel Badly CD (2000)

by Man Without Plan

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Recorded/Mixed in Spring and Winter 1999 by Arik Victor and Mike Bardzik at the Creep House.


released March 1, 2000

Barclay: vocals/gtrs
Christopher Skowronski: bass/vocals
Patrick Amuso: drums
Jared Shavelson: drums



all rights reserved


Man Without Plan New York

Formed in 1997, we have a lot here for you to enjoy.

We slash the piece pop band from New York City. We have insect bites, have been attacked by demons, as greedy play was furious. If we are set on fire, at least we had conquered the day; please destroy the world. ... more

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Track Name: Shoot Yourself In The Face
I don't want to kill you, but I wouldn't mind if you died
with rain and colored lights the streets are alive
be lame, shoot yourself in the face tonight
I am not concerned
Track Name: Lone Cyclone
your brain and teeth will rot right out of your head
and you'll be left with nothing to think or say
doesn't it hurt your back to sleep in a bed
doesn't it hurt your neck to stand up so fucking straight
I know you'd love to see my head on a stake in the yard
I know you'd love to see me dead
oh my fucking god
Track Name: I Blame Others
and it never snows anymore, but the days get shorter anyway
and my eyes dry up and I can't see
and even the moon at perigee isn't enough to bring you closer to me
and everyone knows I'm evil
but you think I'm good
and I feel like I got shot out of a cannon last night
keep your troubles inside
don't let them get in the way of anyone else's good time
have you ever seen despair?
have you ever seen a less disparate pair?
this time I wasn't there, but did you really care?
do you ever really care?
Track Name: Live By The Coin, Die By The Coin
sometimes I look at that and pretend it's mine
sometimes I do it all the time
these headaches have just multiplied
I get so tired of grinding my fists into my eyes
guitar strap is twisted, the speakers are blown
I've got on my sneakers, I'm ready to go
my own hands look strange in these nightmare days
I'll take my meals in my room
isn't it about time you said,
"isn't it about time you did something stupid?"
I wish you would
Track Name: Big Rock Riffs
all my ideas have been had
play it cool, but I only laugh when I'm not supposed to
play it cool, but these words don't last, they go stale
Track Name: I Just Called To Say I Don't Want To Talk To You Anymore
I gave you a day, and you took a month
we discussed with disgust and we can't front/confront
hands shading my eyes, I searched all across the land
and all the time you were right in the palm of my hand
you and them and me and the L.I.E.
I was listening closely, but you were talking through the best part
and I thought all the salt had killed my heart
have fun?
I always do
you reopened my eyes, and I thank you for that
but still I hope you get screwed over and I hope you get fat
Track Name: Handset Locator
in the same breath as death is life
and day is night, and kiss is bite
underneath the nervous, shifty eyes
are dirty, itchy minds
with lights on and drawn blinds
innocent rapport
incident rapport
I'll see you tomorrow, I hope
keep your complaints compliant
with your self-reliance
keep your consent consistent
with your inner suspicions
Track Name: Qwertyuiop
life's too short not to label your tapes
I think it's the only thing separating us from the apes
I learned the words but don't like the taste
I saw the fireworks over Long Island Sound
and I recalled all the shapes
(bad idea)
my first clue was the bones coming out the keyhole
of the closet door
I was either just going to bed, or just waking up, I'm never sure
I need to exercise my demons
I need to see the rain in belts and sheets
I need to see the smoke in clouds and streams
Track Name: To Whom You Must Pay The Toll
arguing after the fact
testing our heights back to back
I hope that light in the night isn't oncoming traffic
or we'll find out what dragged in the cat
that point of view is now a part of you
Track Name: Zero Residual Presence
alienate your peers
alleviate your fears
try and tell them "best of luck"
but all that comes out is "kill die fuck"
you know you've never felt good before
enamored with an armored car
you want to get out but there's nowhere to park
you know you're always on the shut side of the door
drop what you're holding and crouch by the bed
and try to apologize for all the fucked-up things you said and did
imagine cool hands on your skin like needles and pins
you're haggard, staggering
dilated, more pupil than eyelid
in the winter, make gloves of sleeves
a little more four walls, please
lungs on fire, terrified
shut off the feelings, sanitize
keep it simple, sterile, dry
speak my name and cloud the sky
Track Name: On Remaining Absolutely Still
no one came to see off the sinking ship
what ifs like spit through my lips
devil in a blue pen
toxic introspection
see you at the divorce, see you at the funeral
you and I are synonymic anagrams
like "notes" and "tones"
same letters and meaning, but inside out
we both know
Track Name: Grandeur Of Delusions
somehow you always manage to know best
I would grab you, but there's a flag planted in your chest
what do you want to do more than anything else?
I can no longer do it to myself
I'm dressed tall and black, a man
to conceal my lack of spine
and I guess I should be happy, I guess I'm supposed to laugh
if something were wrong, you know who I would tell
so what the fuck am I supposed to do now?
another invitation will kill me dead
but still I extend my hand and allow myself to be led
so I'm holding my own hand now
but it only works upside down
I saw the dull yellow lights of the olde
fade from the ridge of the new
the pale morning wind chilled my bones through
turned my eyes blue, turned the sky blue
Track Name: I Think I See Where This Is Going
you were in my way, so I caught your chin with a mic stand
buried your car keys in the sand
no one will hamper my plans
I crushed the pedal and I ran all the lights just to get here
never gave a thought to if I really cared what the destination was
what am I gonna do when there's nothing left
except the ringing in my ears
when there's nothing left except the stains from empty years
allow me to speak a cliche that I made up today:
don't think twice; think once. get it right.
I wish I listened to myself sometimes
Track Name: Chewing Gum Shampoo
black eyes, black ice
same program both sides
take a look at me, observing obsolete emotions
shouldn't there be an angel on one of these shoulders?
like kissing an ashtray
it's eternally National Flake Day
I know you can feel the locked doors on life
gin and Taconic work nicely
I swear I'll quit smoking on New Year's
I apologize, but this was all I had planned
heads wiped clean like a rag passed through both ears