Sounds Too Loud, Lights Too Bright CD (2010)

by Man Without Plan

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Released digitally 6/1/2010, CD/LP 6/1/2011.
Recorded and mixed Winter 2008 by John Meredith and Josh Carothers, at The Mollusk, Ridgewood, Queens, NY. Mastered May 2009 by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room, Ft. Collins, CO.


released June 1, 2010

Barclay: vocals/gtrs
Zack Fanelli: bass/vocals
Josh Carothers: drums/vocals



all rights reserved


Man Without Plan New York

Formed in 1997, we have a lot here for you to enjoy.

We slash the piece pop band from New York City. We have insect bites, have been attacked by demons, as greedy play was furious. If we are set on fire, at least we had conquered the day; please destroy the world. ... more

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Track Name: Canada Stand
I say "man down" she says "man up"
neither one's an option so I guess I should just shut up
I don't know what she has done to me
but if I sink these hooks then maybe we'll be happy
and let the bad parts drift away
I have no life but demand all kinds of respect
I admit I don't know what to say
sounds too loud, lights too bright
even when locked up at night
I'm a kid myself, I can't kid myself
hiding in an overcoat
tongue is in my cheek and throat
Track Name: Circle The Block
sitting at a table, looking at a bottle, draped over the back of a chair
you don't need to be a scientist to dissect your arms
trace the scars and sew me back together again
before you can walk, you must crawl, but in between you will fall
before you can talk, you will bawl, but please believe in it all
everywhere I look is another distraction
hinges are in place and the lock is not broken
but my door is not always wide open
airplane sandwich with phone calls for bread
shades drawn, lights on
Track Name: Corner Of Keap And Hope
the crease created in jeans when seated
waiting for you to talk to me
defying laws of social convention
(cigarettes out, heads down, text-messaging)
casually denying causality
imagining many hypotheses
examining plenty of hypocrises
there's a chill in the wind in the air again
there's a shade of the blood in our heads and
a lightness to the fall of your hair
then the iciness comes over me
Track Name: Evening Out
dark clouds rising from the ground up at the horizon
there isn't any way this will turn out good
I took what was prescribed, followed rules, advice
and did what I should
but nothing is turning out good
lie awake, but there's pills to take for that kind of thing
every mistake mistaken for a monumental break
you can try and fake like you've broken your habit
but you and I both know that you haven't
Track Name: Nightmare Prophylaxis (ft. Jason Shevchuk)
this is just a test
this is just pretend
I simply must protest
this is not the end
this is such a mess
but it's not revenge
it is what I guessed
it's all how you said
I was never missed
I whistle in the wind
I will muster this
I refuse to bend
I cannot predict
I will not say when
I can thus attest
you are all my friends
there's a plus to this
it doesn't have to end
there's no discussing it
I'm doing the best that I can
Track Name: Theam (instrumental)
Track Name: Ugly New Sexy
I'm unsanitary, I'm in solitary
I'm empthetic, I am pathetic
it is and it isn't, it isn't, it isn't
it did and it didn't, it didn't, it didn't
I'm weakened by the weekend
I worship those old warships
once a worrier, now a warrior
this illusion meant disillusionment
once a losing bet, now a proven bet
I'm individually wrapped too tight
in the hideous bathroom light
it was and it wasn't, it wasn't
it's no thing, it's nothing
achievement is relative
retrieval is imperative
it's progress not perfection
content in my direction
Track Name: Needles To Say
my head is spinning with vicious cycles
there's a lump in my throat from a knuckle sandwich
(not to mix metaphors)
lazy language keeps making me angry
too tired to finish your sentences
semantic discussions, demanding concussions
I'll mentally masturbate instead
I'm so happy I could laugh out loud
ne pas des questions, s'il vous plait
suck it up and deal with it
fuck it up and live with it
look for the appeal in it
give it up and kneel, defeated
Track Name: Birth Agony Of A Mountain
born insane, going downhill ever since
or maybe it's uphill, it's hard to tell which
to the top of the mountain
off the chain and loose in the rain
smiling open-mouthed, not feeling anything
just say this is not the end yet
don't make me go back inside
just say you're my best friend again
promise me I get to stay alive
I remember even though this brain
doesn't fit the shell that it came in
I bow my head, lean into your shoulder
Track Name: Inquire Within
people of earth!
I have returned
I come to share with you all the things I have learned
I've been through hell
walking backwards and barefoot
I've come to tell, for anyone who cares to listen
to my diatribe
I apologize
I was not there for you
I was dead in a fucking life
a ghost of a son of a bitch
a directionless whirl of knives
I will describe
the machinations and the workings inside
Track Name: See An Enemy
my heart beats out of my chest
does my best beat out the rest?
the beat reaches part of me that
makes the world seem empty and flat
the beast doesn't eat anymore
but I haven't bricked over the door
I could go at any time
I need to speak out of my mind
or I will freak out, and goodbye
I have nothing left but respect
for people who handle their wrecks of lives
but I'm not ready to watch you die
although you seem to have prepared yourself
tantalize me with your lies and prophecies
they aren't anything I haven't tried to tell myself
Track Name: Demon Gold
rising action, repeating
wisdom, defeating
I have a policy of non-interference
it's in my interest
can't avoid it
can't destroy it
now I own it
with a bonus
can't control it
better get to know it
it wasn't my choice
I didn't decide on it
I can tell you're into it
I can tell that it's got you
you look so scared
gonna have to remove it
since you can't really use it
it might seem confusing
but soon you'll get it
it's unfortunate, but necessary
in the end you'll feel better