The Return Of No Point CD (2005)

by Man Without Plan

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Recorded/Mixed by Christopher Skowronski at The Crompound, July 2005.


released August 1, 2005

Barclay: vocals/gtrs/bass/drums
Christopher Skowronski: vocals/gtrs/bass



all rights reserved


Man Without Plan New York

Formed in 1997, we have a lot here for you to enjoy.

We slash the piece pop band from New York City. We have insect bites, have been attacked by demons, as greedy play was furious. If we are set on fire, at least we had conquered the day; please destroy the world. ... more

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Track Name: Synesthesiologist 1
Over a fight, or a party, or the beach
There's no reason to get upset
Everyone gets what they get
Maybe nobody needs anyone anymore
And it all really is so casual
It all really is so fragile
Important things take precedence
Gets hard to compete, seems not to make sense
Hard to say how to spend all this time we've been lent
Track Name: The Hospital Job
it's us against the world tonight
we're letting off those fireballs
shaking floors fit to split the walls
we are invincible, that's right
insatiable appetite
roaring in the dark, spill the gas, let off the spark
waiting for the best thing, the best part
Track Name: Quiche Lorraine
light is pouring into the hall
flames are dancing in the yard
cracks are snaking up the wall
the whole is about to become a part
and we're moving now
in relief against the sky
I think I can hear you now
with your voice in my mind I will wander till I die
with your strength in my arms
I will reclaim what once was mine
they set up lights on poles
to illuminate the ghosts
right on the corner till I start to sway
no cars go by, it begins to rain
Track Name: Playing Dumb (Songs)
she came walking over to me from across the room
using legs to move and eyes to guide her gentle glide
through the gloom
I was confused, I used my hands to adjust my shirt
she dropped the ball in my court and I watched it bounce once and roll out of bounds
the language she spoke was so much like my own
but I couldn't pick out the words in the sounds
I wasn't confused, I used my hands and it didn't hurt
I dropped the ball and watched it roll out of bounds
and I let it roll
Track Name: Exiled!
three to six AM - the black hours
no sleeping, just stretching six feet in every direction
the insanity chamber
instrumental friends
heads, necks, and bodies
different flavors, like tone and frequency
surgical listening
universe of streets and grass
a person is all the entertainment you need
analyze and enjoy them
rolling on rubber explosions
flashlights to the front
portable living room
finishing up life
something to do one day, like boarding a plane
objects and objectives nowhere in sight
Track Name: Brutal Occupation
wide open, weighed down with options
locked in to a brutal occupation
this administration will entertain no negotiations
vindicated, free of constraint and aggravation
watch as I open my hand
anticipate what might be inside
wake up at home in a flash of lightning
go out and run full speed in the dark on the sand
if you doubt me at all then you'll probably never understand
peace, you'll never experience
freedom is out of your reach
hope is as likely as justice, washed up like a shell in a storm on a beach
remember always to breathe, your physical strength is a lie
channel the flames through your body
maniacal exists, like everything else, in the beholder's eye
extended, you've spent all your energy
you're constantly hungry and weak
get on your feet, it's late already
all must be reinvented
heal the wounds of the living and destroy the work of the dead
invent all new reasons for trying and avoid being so easily misled
demand that realignment is undertaken to the fullest
anything else would be a waste of time
Track Name: Perpetraitor
just when you least expect it
that's when you'll be infected
there's nothing that you can do
there's nowhere that you can hide
we win, you die
they are the youth
now tell them the truth
Track Name: War In Heaven
we'll be drowning soon, for now we're still swimming
floating along with the unstoppable current
somewhere ahead in the tunnel, they're singing
and the undertow drags over my head
I'm holding my breath
and now I'm exhaling
I'm not holding my breath anymore
and I wish I could say it's liberating
but the truth is, I'm waiting for a benevolent hand
to drag me right up
and lay me out on the sand
so I can stand up and and catch up again
Track Name: Party In Hell (instrumental)
Track Name: Zombies In The Sun
(lyrics by Chris Skowronski)
I had the strangest dream last night
in which I met a crew of zombies
they told me that roaming the earth all night
left them little time for hobbies
so I took them to the park
and we all went on the swings
and we talked about the NBA
and lots of other things
we were laughing in the park
we were in the sun
we were having fun
had this other dream last night
in which I saw you at the beach
you set up a towel right near mine
you were just within my reach
so I asked you for a walk
and we walked along the sea
and I told you that I missed you
and you told me the same thing too
we were laughing by the sea
we were in the sun
we were having fun

(lyrics by Barclay)
rewire the power grid
admire the flowers on your way
it's so sad, I know, watching everything decay
knowing nothing will remain
Track Name: Synesthesiologist 2
do you feel better
now that you've had some time to reflect?
have you achieved clarity
by remembering every comment?
it will evaporate
it was all in your mind
it will only flash in the dark at night
Track Name: Free Association
I've long been searching this great land
pursuing answers I can understand
in confusion, I looked to the sky
cried out in the desert
but my thirst was not satisfied
cold and alone, at night on the sand
I shouted in vain at the empty expanse
the echoes nourished me, kept me alive
returning to flourish at the center of the hive
I have awakened
I have arrived
I have survived
Track Name: Action Or Death
I can't, you can't, we can't
ever know what's really going on
we can't, we won't, we don't care
now that part is dead, and we'll carry on
I can't believe the hope is gone, but I've let it go
I'll never be complete
I could have gone on, but now I'll never know
he can't, she can't, they can't turn it back the other way
it's been going too long
why try?
I try, but why try?
bird can't get out his song
I can't be at peace
knowing what could be, based on what has been
I won't leave
I'll stand outside till you let me in
Track Name: Pratfall
the swarm will eventually descend
and the world will be ravaged
everyone will be forced to defend their lives
in a savage world
there is only one source of light
that one heart of yours, beating
phosphorescent through translucent skin
fluorescent light from mouth when speaking
the books are yours to rewrite
when we wipe the slate clean
hating our enemies
hate is the enemy between us
Track Name: Daisycutter Breezeway
jump from sleep with readiness
one language to speak, no words to complicate
refine technique, remain
fate is faithful
there's nowhere left to run away to
speed means nothing in the human cradle
may you slip between the cameras in the trees
past the lasers and razor wire
down the daisycutter breezeway
something lights your path
today, you have to take a life
crushing out a light
gently but with lightning hand
it is not up to you